Archaeology Image Collections

Archaeology Image Collections

The Archaeology Historic Image Collection is comprised of over 12,000 photographic prints, 9,000 negatives, 8,200 slides, 50 glass plate images, and 100 16mm film reels.

The collection documents the history of archaeological work in Indiana and the Midwest since at least the 1920s, including over 75 years of the Angel Mounds excavations. Images also depict early figures in the field such as Eli Lilly, Glenn A. Black, Warren K. Morehead and others.

This collection also records the artifacts, sites, and excavation work of 59 Indiana counties and 22 states other than Indiana.

Angel Mounds Imagery

Works Progress Administration (WPA-era)

A significant portion of the Archaeology Historic Image Collection chronicles the history of excavations at Angel Mounds Site. The images start with Works Progress Administration (WPA) work that began in 1938. The project was administered by the Indiana Historical Society and headed by Glenn A. Black until 1942 when the United States entered World War II. Black was very aware that archaeology is largely destructive and hundreds of pictures were taken as documentary evidence.

An image of the excavation of the Angel Mounds under a canopy to provide shade.
An image of the Angel Mounds Excavation. Three men on each side of the space. There is one man standing next to a wheelbarrow in the center.
A man in a hat brushing at the wall of an excavation site.

Images S1515, N2888, S6460 from 1939 and 1940 at Angel Mounds.

IU Field Schools

Excavations continued at Angel Mounds for over 70 years. Indiana University hosted a field school at Angel Mounds for decades and taught many students from across the country.

Three individuals sitting at tables looking over and updating records.
A photo of a person entering an interesting artifact into records while doing fieldwork.
A truck with a ladder in the back. Two men are holding the ladder while a third man sits at the top of the ladder.

Images N2772, N1696, N5009.

The Visual Record

Want more?

Hear an overview of all the visual documentation found in the IUMAA Archaeology collections in this Coffee & Curators talk presented fall 2022:

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