Land Acknowledgment

Land Acknowledgment

The Indiana University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology acknowledges and honors the Indigenous communities native to this region and recognize that Indiana University Bloomington was built on Indigenous homelands of the myaamiaki (Miami), saawanwa (Shawnee), Bodwéwadmik (Potawatomi), and Lenape (Delaware) people. We respect Indigenous people and their many descendants who traversed or resided in this place and who fashioned and used objects that repose in this Museum. The Museum is committed to participating and collaborating with Indigenous partners on the co-creation of knowledge, scholarship, and education.


IU First Nations Education & Cultural Center

The First Nations Educational & Cultural Center (FNECC) supports American Indian and indigenous students in their transition to and achievement at Indiana University Bloomington with campus programs and an extended network of resources and information designed to inspire, encourage, and empower students for success.

FNECC information on Land Acknowledgments

Indigenize Indiana! is a call to action that reminds the non-Native community of the ways they need to work to improve representation of and support for Native and Indigenous communities at IU Bloomington. 


"Offering a land acknowledgment serves as a call to action..."

"Indigenize Indiana!" webpage


Land acknowledgements should be more than ticking a box. It is a moment for education, reflection, and should lead to meaningful commitment.