Building Information

Building History

In 2019, the building was closed to the general public to accommodate extensive renovations. These improvements help to integrage the collections, exhibition, and programming spaces of the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology and the Mathers Museum of World Cultures. 

In spring 2022, staff and collections began moving back into the newly renovated space. Work continues as we organize the collections and prepare opening exhibits!

Where to find us

IU Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
416 N. Indiana Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47408

Space Allocation

Collections Storage Space

  • New IUMAA north storage: 2,867 square feet / New IUMAA south storage: 3,964 square feet
  • Former MMUS storage: 6,464 square feet / Former GBL storage: 3,447 square feet



Note: The inclusion of a secured public corridor alongside the collections storage area and the creation of an Ethnographic Research Room has reduced overall Collection Storage areas by a little over 3,000 square feet, thus necessitating compact storage.


Research Labs and Workrooms

  • Wet/Processing Lab: 215 square feet
  • Analytical Lab: 631 square feet
  • Material Science Lab: 384 square feet
  • Underwater Lab: 264 square feet
  • Digitization/Photogrammetry Lab: 395 square feet 
  • Conservation Lab: 546 square feet
  • Photography Studio: 572 square feet
  • Ethnographic Research Room: 1,065 square feet


color image of "Archive Reading Room" sign

Exhibits, Program/Learning Spaces, Reading Room

  • Exhibit Gallery: 7,610 square feet
  • Program Room: 1,466 square feet
  • Reading Room and Archive Storage: 1,636 square feet
  • Learning Lab: 514 square feet




  • IUMAA parking area: three handicapped parking spaces; six visitor parking spaces
  • Limited visitor parking may be available at the McCalla School parking lot, just a block north and west of IUMAA

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