Maker Acknowledgment

Maker Acknowledgment

At the IUMAA, we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the people who made and used the objects we care for in these collections.

Most of the people who made objects in IUMAA collections are anonymous, but nonetheless their skill and artistry combine to make each object a manifestation of the culture that produced or used it. We are indebted as well to the hundreds of community members, makers, local experts, collectors, and scholars who have preserved, recovered, or recreated cultural meaning of objects in their writings or in other modes of sharing.

We know that we can never know everything there is to know about an object or photograph, and welcome insights from visitors into the meaning of the museum’s holdings.

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1962-08-1176. Sioux woman picking porcupine quills. (1908) Joseph K. Dixon. Wanamaker Collection.
1965-42-C088. Pakistan potter. (1964) Madge Minton Collection
1984-06-0430. Woman tanning Caribou. Stevens Village, Alaska. (1916) Bedell/Davis Collection