Quilts + Identity

Quilts all over the world reflect part of their artist’s personal identity. They might be made from a favorite outfit or represent the creator’s favorite pattern or a special memory. Personal elements like these, as well the identity of the quilter, are hard to know without recorded stories. But that doesn’t mean they are not unknowingly represented in the fabric.

Quilts can also reflect the creator’s social or cultural identity, which can be easier to identify. Specific color combinations, styles, fabrics, and stitching techniques, give cultures (and eras) their own unique quilting customs. Sometimes there are even regional differences within the same culture.


Create Your Own!

Themester 2022 Identity Quilt

Become part of the worldwide quilting tradition by creating a quilt square that represents you and submitting it to IUMAA. As part of Themester 2022: Identity and Identification we want to create a quilt that represents IU Bloomington. Simply use one of the templates found below to create your quilt square. It can be decorated however you want – just show us whatever makes you, you.

Your square can be in fabric or other medium, but please photograph, scan, or otherwise digitize the square and save it in any format (.pdf, .jpg, etc.) to submit it digitally.


How to submit

All designs are due by September 16 in order to be included in the IU quilt!

  • Tag your design on social media using #IUquilt
  • Email your pattern to museumed@indiana.edu
  • Submit your quilt square in person at the September 1 First Thursday festival at the Fine Arts Plaza. 

The finished IU Identity Quilt will be displayed at the First Thursday Festival on October 6.



Below links to templates for Adobe Illustrator and a printable PDF have been provided. If you would prefer to use another program, make sure your final design is 8x8 inches (768x768px).